The Come Up

Posted: July 28, 2016 in Poetry

The road to get my degree is quite the daunting task
At times it flies by and other times it is tedious
I see the future, visualization for my motivation
Do not want fame or fortune, I just want a wife, family,
And a comfortable life, because she will be my better half

I am focused on my goal, still consumed by the thought
That I may have missed my perfect woman, who knows
The anxiety, is killing my conscience softly, impulses are felt
Who would have thought my so called unfaithful self could feel it
Never settling, I want her at the right time, the logic

Also my brain is at the helm, the passion as a passenger
Left is guiding and the right is following, the time to switch
Is unknown to me but karma knows exactly when, she will
Education, my goal, attainment is paramount, when does not matter
Just know that when I receive it, I deserve it, the highs and the lows

I am looking for my passion though I know, it is still difficult to pinpoint
To make a career, not stressing because I will, when the time is right
Right now I am just moving one step at a time, in this thing called life
Enjoying and basking in each moment, every step of the way
Now a better man then yesterday, success is where I am headed…


Even when your life seems like it is at a standstill it is imperative that you are fully prepared to go when the opportunity presents itself…Ase  {}

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Posted: July 24, 2016 in Poetry

I once heard when you win, you lose
And when you lose, you win
At first I was very confused
Until I thought within the context, of perception
Perhaps this can serve as psychological protection
Against a negative environment, that causes oppression

I took a break from the institutional education and relig-ul-ous behavior
Behavior that was immoral, the opposite of loyal; unlike a savior
Man I was trying to harvest on that rotten fruit, trying to savor
That acquired taste, that appeared, to have many a flavor

I keep hearing, “Go back, keep going, and don’t give up.”
I reply, “I am not giving up just slowing up.”
Had I not made this decision, at graduation, I would have been throwing up
Had I not planned this with precision, my reputation
Would have seen more degradation, by not showing up
So I am back at the family’s house, taking a while to reevaluate and plan
Unlike an animal, my servitude is voluntary, maybe too hu-man

It is looking like I lost but my soul is telling me I am winning
I suppose it could be attributed to not chasing women
Or ingesting dirty carcinogens, trying not to stain my linen
Or poisoning my mind with gasoline, feeling falsely driven

I win because my sober mind cares and possesses a conscience
Though the old negative conditioning perpetuates negative consequence
Though inherently instinctual; positive motivation, fights the reactive nonsense
This cyclical, cause and effect, philosophy, reversed, manifests hope, in a sense

Perhaps winning is ultimately a state of mind, rather than a state of being
Perhaps this can explain why a blind man can see, without actually seeing
Perhaps one can free themselves, without the effect of internally bleeding
Anything that is worth having, seldom comes easy; even if it is healing…

Copyright © 2016/2017 to Jedaiah Thomas. All Rights Reserved


The Horizon is seen once the possibility of success is realized. Everything that is around you that causes distraction will become less obvious and potential will become your guiding light. Stay the course and never give up…Ase{}



Yo, I need a connect, because I am trying to get lifted
I have to make this paper, so I can get my fly up
I did not know that my preoccupation with such, labeled me afflicted
I want roll that dry up but when I get some, then what?
Once I smoke it, I would be wasting something that I cannot get back
Even though I am gifted, it would not matter, definition of wasted, sent higher

Chasing fantastic dreams, and every single delectable desire
Make paper, just to burn it, get that fix, just to discern it
Yes I am in the mix, so folks can be concerning
Cook that sugar, just to relinquish that yearning
Sensation evident, the addiction is prevalent

Exhibit A; how about some sugar in that cereal, cold or hot
Once you consume it, life will seem like a mural, like it or not
Without it, your meal is bland, unsatisfying, and not tasty
We live for taste, but preach, about not being too hasty
How could compulsive behavior be the most talked about?
But on Sunday afternoon we fiend for salts and sugar, caked in like grout
Catch the itis, go to sleep and get back up, snapping on others, like Oscar the Grouch
Or maybe, take the dismissive approach and find an excuse to lay on another couch

Exhibit B; I am not a potato, neither am I interchangeable like play dough
I work and sleep like the average man, except I do not have an overall plan
Instead I work, to live, check to check, because I can
Though it is hard to manage, paying off these never ending bills
I get the money but then I spend it on more antidepressants, exaggerating the thrills
Of going shopping, for stuff, because I got it like that, more so because I want it like that
Finding another twenty in my pocket makes me feel like I am pulling a rabbit out of a hat

Exhibit C; how about you give me some more sugar, before you leave, baby
Because I have been thinking about you kind of hard as of lately, maybe because you are a lady
Mmhmm, your sensuous kisses make me feel too good
I am not a thug but I can be hard, like we are in the hood
Push off, to push in, smack her, to smacking, sniff her, she is scratching
The explicit example, the definition of a maxim
Once we come down, we are not laughing, but maxing and relaxing
Until we get antsy and cannot help but do it, all over again

Exhibit D; I really want to be the one winning but I am always losing
Whether it is money or the options in this life that I could be choosing
It seems like everything I make or build, dissipates, in this illusion
Some call it living but the more you live, the more you look for cheaper substitutions
I have a doctor, but he does not care, like an institution,
I play doctor, but then get overwhelmed, that there is no guidance
So thinking positive is my allusion
But how can I, when most things manifested are negative
Indicative of help, my positive causes are exploited
Making further, my negative consequences, unable to be avoided

Exhibit E; my thoughts are positive but my outcome is not
Sweltering paper wraps, seemed to run into me by accident
If that were the case, then why does my subliminal mind shout, THC?
Transcending reality, while unemotionally, being mad, towards me
It was less addictive then caffeine so, safe is what it had to be
Except when you see a skinny rapper, flexing herbal remedies
Maybe skinny is cool and the cool thing
I know because I am skinny and tattoos do not hide a thing
But I do not rock skinny jeans, so I do not need to suffocate my frame

Conclusion; contrary to the popular belief you do not need fame to have game
You need game to have fame, I know because I have been cool and a lame
I have chased fives and dime dames, all for the concept of game
The money gets the honey so, you give your time in exchange, for it
After you realized how much time you used, making money
You take out your frustration on yourself by buying things, sometimes for the hell of it
But this is living, so how is it bad?
Perhaps because we never had or made time for our mom’s and our dad’s
If they are gone, they cannot talk about, nor see the things, that you have
The same thing goes for friends, friendships should be seen all the way to the end
No matter how long of a break, you all had, because if you take away all these other distractions
Folks will begin to realize that this is the only invaluable thing that we have, it is bonds
When these bonds are broken so are our souls, which in turn, causes emotional black holes
Which also leads to the vicious cycles, of negative habituation taking hold
Whether it is neat and warm or on the rocks and ice cold
So let us be aware of what we are taking in our bodies, and guide our younger siblings, to not give in
So they can be free, to conquer, mental and physical poison
Instead of using escapism as a euphemism, of escaping to prison
Escape the mechanism, of that oppressive state of mind, called addiction…

No matter how irreparable the damage may seem, realize you have and have always possessed the power to rebuild and overcome anything that life puts you through…{}




Posted: March 22, 2014 in Poetry
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Life and Love is what you make of it...

Life and Love is what you make of it…

Laughter over sorrow
Overly dedicated
Vigilant Intimacy
Evolving affection

Overt care
Valiant trust
Ever changing

Litigation ignored
Omnipresence adored
Value forged
Expression restored

Life dignified
Omen vilified
Viscerally justified
Expectation unified

Copyright © 2014 Jedaiah R.A. Thomas All Rights Reserved

The world is my greatest competition
This is reaffirmed with every repetition
To leave my mark, that is my mission
Somehow make the hard look easy, guess I’m gifted

Never twisted, forever shifting
For the betterment of the world, never drifting
I handle high amounts of stress with ease
Because practice makes perfect, even when lifting

My second greatest competitor is myself, telling me to slow up
I say forget that, push it to the limit with control so I don’t throw up
Fear and doubt are bullies but I face them and fight until they blow up
I have realized that sometimes half the battle is having to show up

Challenge myself to grow everyday, handle business like fun, I don’t play
Not just body but my mind, increased reps and heavier tasks for me today
Progressive but balanced, aggressively challenged, expressive with no delay
So when I’m gone, whatever I did or created, lives forever, in time it will stay…

Copyright © 2014 Jedaiah R.A. Thomas All Rights Reserved

There is a genius inside each and every one of us, some know it and some don’t
Some might say only a select few are genius and the rest are just mediocre
We all can access it if we choose to do so, all it takes is will and pro-action
I think it has more to do with how you spend your time and utilize it

If I’m constantly doing or reading innovative “things” I will begin to think innovatively
If I want to be a great artist I would study the greatest who ever lived in their respective field
If I want to be the best, I put in the necessary work and time and more; got the drive?
If I want to be a deep thinker I study the greatest thinkers of all time, enough to challenge them

The ability to be open-minded enough to get into a field and compete enough to make it competitive
To be able to answer the question behind the question, “after all that money then what?”; why?
Were you able to use that money as a tool for you to live or did it use you as a tool to live?
Since time is truly the only thing you cannot get back was it used wisely?…it’s never too late

This being said, I challenge that inner genius in you, you know that small but passionate thought
It is gained by taking one small step at a time, proving to yourself that you can do it, no matter what
Has life been a bit predictable lately? Try to make a small change if you can, for yourself
I didn’t rhyme on purpose, I felt like being very direct because I want you to succeed, straight up!

Copyright © 2014 Jedaiah R.A. Thomas All Rights Reserved

Inspired by ” So Far To Go {Instrumental}” by J-Dilla

Subtle Yet Beautiful...

Subtle Yet Beautiful…

The love possessed, hidden but seen by we
From follicle to ends to cuticle
Her lovely toes, her shins, just beautiful
Her soft caress and chest has smitten me
Her smile, a crest, to brand our love to be
She won’t pretend, a true one; miracle
Won’t waste her attention with trivial
She loves herself, around me she is free
The stride, her step, exudes pure confidence
Posture upright, strong, even emotion
She knows imperfection is perfection
Her mind, the best, possesses common sense
Her kiss, so right, can move me like; ocean
Knows God is direction and protection…

Copyright © 2014 Jedaiah R.A. Thomas All Rights Reserved

Inspired by “Loving It {Instrumental}”- by Little Brother